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    Herbs have long been respected for their pleasing ability to help soothe and heal the body.

    We infuse extra virgin olive oil with Arnica blossoms and create a salve by adding beeswax. A simple balm for simple healing. Many use Arnica for sprains and for muscle relief. Our family favors Arnica to ward off bruising. With little ones in the home, we experience our fair share of bumps and bruises! Even our three year old knows to run for the Arnica balm.

    Arnica makes a wonderful massage balm, especially at the end of a long, hard day.

    1.2 oz. Tube
    How we use it:  This is relevant to all the mamas out there...  Our gut instinct is to pat and rub when the baby bumps her head.  And it's a good instinct!  We use Arnica balm on the bumps that our little ones get.  We rub the stick onto the surface of the bump (or if it's a biggie, onto our hand first) then carefully, but firmly, massage the injured area.  We move in a clockwise direction smoothing the skin from the injury out working our way all the way around the injury. We've been very pleasantly surprised at how well Arnica works to minimize and reduce bruising.   Please do remember that Arnica is NOT a healing balm.  If you're seeking that, look for our Herbal Balm.  Arnica is NOT to be used on open wounds.  It is good for sprains, bumps, bruises, and sore muscles including sore feet!

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