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    Herbs, herbs, and more herbs. We infuse our own herbs here at Earth Muffin. Herbal balms and salves are not all created equal. Each herb lends a unique property to the balm.  The Herbal Balm is fragrance free and has no added essential oils.  Works GREAT for diaper rashes!

    First we take Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In one batch, we infuse Calendula. In the other, we infuse St. John's Wort, Plantain, and Comfrey... All herbs traditionally recognized and reputed to have healing effect.

    We blend the infused oils with Avocado oil and beeswax in perfect amounts to achieve a firm balm to be used sparingly.

    Works exceptionally well for diaper rashes and cracked hands!

    4 oz. Jar

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  • works perfectly, smells lovely. thanks for a great product!
    Clean 'n Natural Deodorant ~ Vanilla Grapefruit
  • The conditioner is great! Not to heavy on my fine hair but with just enough conditioning to keep the fly-aways under control.
    Soft & Silky Conditioner
  • Cream works miracle on skin, love it, thanks!
    Skin Relief Cream
  • Excellent. My favourite ever deodorant.
    Clean 'n Natural Deodorant ~ Forest
  • We love the Barn Cat Balm. We use it on diaper rash, eczema, dry hands and feet, elbows, bug bites, everywhere! It really is a wonderful product!
    Barn Cat Balm
  • Lovely well made soap~ great fragreance, long lasting, love it, will be back for more!
    Lavender & Anise Soap
  • Excellent, certainly the best natural deodorant I've found!
    Clean 'n Natural Deodorant ~ Grounded
  • The soaps were packaged so nice, and there was a free sample included along with a handwritten thank you. I love the soaps! Thank you ;)
    Buttermilk and Carrot Soap
  • I happened to have a tension headache the day I received this and it worked within 10 minutes. Highly recommended!! :-D
    Headache Balm

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